These key interventions could help India achieve Housing For All

India has a housing stock shortage of approximately 20 million units in urban areas, as per the latest figures. This demand is poised to grow consistently over the years and will affect an even larger number of Indian citizens, mainly from the low-income communities and economically weaker sections. Current demand is limited and very unlikely to affect this shortfall in any significant manner. The Indian Housing Federation was established to create interventions that will help us create solutions to this shortfall using multiple interventions. Incubated at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, IHF has been working on multi-level interventions that work in synchronicity to ensure that scalable solutions for housing are enabled and implemented across India. The interventions, while still works in progress, are described here.

buy topamax using paypal Data Aggregation:
One of the biggest challenges of creating new housing in India is enabling accurate, real-time data collection. Data aggregation helps design better housing based on the needs of the end user. The aggregated data can enhance the end-user’s access to housing and housing finance. Working with citizen sector organisations, IHF collects data to facilitate a deeper understanding of India’s housing market and uses these insights to inform researchers, developers, financiers, and governments.

go here Creating a Common Platform for Sector Stakeholders:
The creation of low-cost affordable housing in India is a sizeable challenge. It requires significant participation from various stakeholders who work in different areas within the affordable housing space. We will facilitate a space that will serve to mobilise the numerous stakeholders working on affordable housing to seek scalable affordable housing solutions through collaboration, dialogue, knowledge exchange and coordination. The work of bringing together various stakeholders to produce Affordable Housing is very critical. IHF works with a network of hybrid entrepreneurs who will be the on ground integrators for projects to be catalyzed and delivered successfully.

go to link Policy Advocacy and Extension:
Drawing on its field experience and involvement in activities and applied research, IHF aims to influence policy to facilitate affordable low-cost housing to adhere to specific standards, while also working to create solutions other than the building of more homes and instead formalising home ownership that can then benefit from incremental housing and other solutions.

We work with individuals from the affordable low-cost housing sector who possess significant experience and exposure in matters related to similar work inside and outside of India. Combining their expertise with data collected during the course of our operations, we plan to publish research, data interpretation, and newsletters that will enable the growth of the sector and generate more discussion within the field.

These are all interventions that need to be accomplished at scale to address the issue. This is why IHF has worked consistently to cement partnerships with other sector stakeholders across India. Interested in helping find solutions to India’s affordable housing problem? Get in touch with us to partner, volunteer or donate.

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